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December 2022

* For those who do not yet know Pauline

thedocumentaryon the life and work of Blessed Pauline Jaricot.


A special production made within the framework of his beatification and the jubilee year of the Pontifical Mission Societies.


* For those who were not at the beatification...

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Eurexpo LYON on May 22, 2022


... 12,000 followers for a MIRACLE

... "The work of Blessed Pauline Jaricot enables us to courageously bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit to give the world the flowers of fraternity and hope"

... Pauline Jaricot is being emulated around the world ...


The mysteriesby PAULINE


* For those who were not in Lyon at the beginning of November...

See a Overviewif you haven't had the chance to be among the spectators...



* For those who wish to set out with Pauline

  • Circuits In the footsteps of Pauline await you to discover the life and the House of Pauline Jaricot


"To know PAULINE and to walk with her."

Several " Walk with Pauline" circuits are waiting for you to get to know Pauline and discover the initiatives aroused by her charisms. .  

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