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Living Rosary

Prayer will save the world

...And it will change your life


Be accompanied in the meditation of the mysteries.

Every day, an episode from the lives of Jesus and Mary is offered to you in one of the mysteries of the rosary.

Inspired byu Living Rosary by Pauline Jaricot

ROSARIO appation of living rosary!

1 – Form a prayer group with 4 of your loved ones

2 – Every day, everyone receives a mystery of the rosary and takes 5 minutes of their day to meditate on it by reciting ten
3 – At the end of the day, the group will have meditated on the 5 mysteries of the day, thus completing an entire rosary: it is the living rosary!

The priera in group

Form a prayer chain around an intention with your loved ones: parents, brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues... Together, stay motivated and supported!

5 minutes a day​

This is the strength of the living rosary: the 5 members commit to praying only ten times a day. Together, you complete the 5 decades of a complete rosary.

ROSARIO is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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