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Living Rosary missionnairies

With the encouragement of Cardinal Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon, Lyons’s faithful people now resume Pauline Jaricot’s intuitions and regroup in “Living Rosary Mission” since October 2005.

As in Pauline’s time (1826), the idea is to gather 20 followers around the rosary: every person recites a decade and meditates a mystery (Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious).

Thus, one Rosary is said daily with Pope’s and Diocese’s intentions. These are shown in a table received each month. Groups meet monthly around a priest to learn, pray and meditate.

40 groups exist today in Lyons, in which four youth groups. They are open to all. A dozen groups exist outside the diocese.


“I imagine fifteen coals, only one is fired up three or four are half fired, the others are not. Bring them together, it is a fire: it was enough to bring them together, but it was necessary, and if you separate them, what would they be? This is Living Rosary … » (Pauline JARICOT)

« It is urgent to find and recover the use of this beautiful prayer. Through the Rosary, believer takes abundant graces, receiving them from the very hands of Redeemer’s Mother » Saint Jean-Paul II, Le Rosaire de la Vierge Marie (2002)

“This prayer cheers me up” (Cardinal Barbarin)


“This prayer chain for the Pope and for diocese is a holy path to Christ.”

“With Living Rosary, we discovered and rediscovered rosary prayer.” “Reciting rosary brings a soft transformation of hearts, appeasement, and communion with others.”


Diocesan Chapelain:
Abbé Pierre Peyret –

Elisabeth d’Escayrac –
Anne Boucharlat de Chazotte –


Youth manager:
Côme Belmont –
Clotilde d’Escayrac –

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