“I imagine fifteen coals, only one is fired up three or four are half fired, the others are not. Bring them together, it is a fire: it was enough to bring them together, but it was necessary, and if you separate them, what would they be? This is Living Rosary … » (Pauline JARICOT)

« It is urgent to find and recover the use of this beautiful prayer. Through the Rosary, believer takes abundant graces, receiving them from the very hands of Redeemer’s Mother » Saint Jean-Paul II, Le Rosaire de la Vierge Marie (2002)

“This prayer cheers me up” (Cardinal Barbarin)


“This prayer chain for the Pope and for diocese is a holy path to Christ.”

“With Living Rosary, we discovered and rediscovered rosary prayer.” “Reciting rosary brings a soft transformation of hearts, appeasement, and communion with others.”


Diocesan Chapelain:
Abbé Pierre Peyret – abbe.pp@wanadoo.fr

Elisabeth d’Escayrac – elisabeth-descayrac@orange.fr
Anne Boucharlat de Chazotte – anneboudecha@gmail.com


Youth manager:
Côme Belmont – come.belmont@gmail.com
Clotilde d’Escayrac – clodescayrac@hotmail.com


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