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Prayer for the beatification of Pauline Jaricot



You have inspired to Pauline-Marie Jaricot, the creation of the Propagation of the Faith and the Living Rosary, as well her total commitment to the world of labor.

Deign hasten the day when the Church will be able to celebrate the holiness of her life.

Make her example encourage a greater number of christians to strive for the Gospel, so that men and women of our time and all people discover your infinite Love, revealed in Jesus Christ Our Lord, who lives and reigns with You in the Unity of the Holy Spirit forever and ever.


Meditation prayer for the jubilee year


Ô Jesus, God of entire Love, how much did you love us!

Not only did You institute the divine Eucharist to the effect that the Body and Blood of the infinite Victim become the spiritual food of our souls and the pledge of our glorious resurrection, but you also wanted that it perpetuates the memory and the merits of Your life and of Your death!

It is through the immolation of Your heart, wherefrom blood and water came out on the cross after the consumption of Your bleeding sacrifice, that You gave birth to the adorable sacrifice of the holy Mass. Such sacrifice is offered daily thousands of times in thousands of different places, in cities, in open country, in army camps, in homes for the poor, in prisons of human justice, on earth and on sea, in all countries of the universe, in all places where men can benefit from it.

Most holy sacrifice, majestic, the only worthy of God, and which however is started and consumed in a very short time, for the best of the priests and the faithful for whom it is like their property.

Pauline Jaricot

« L’Amour infini dans la divine Eucharistie »

Écrit Spirituel Mame 2005

Prayer of the Rosary Teams

Venerable Pauline Marie Jaricot,

You who “have loved Jesus Christ more than anything on the earth“, intercede for us, so that following your example, we be able to generously strive ourselves in letting Christ be known and loved through the mysteries of the Rosary.

In order to be faithful to the mission of the Teams of the Rosary, obtain for us this same spirit of audacity, courage and strength which moved you. We will then be able to propose the Gospel with Mary to the people around us, in our neighborhoods, inviting them to our prayer of the Rosary in teams.

Intercede for us with Christ, so that He burns our hearts with His charity, and in our turn we set the world ablaze with the fire that he went to set to our earth.



Infinite Love in the Divine Eucharist »
Writing Spiritual Mame 2005

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