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Saint Nizier Church


The Saint Nizier church implementation dates from 150 after J.C., during the arrival of the first Christians in Lyon with Saint Pothin and Saint Irénée. Fifty of them, included Sainte Blandine, were martyrised in 177.


According to a famous tradition, the present church stands up on the emplacement of the oldest sanctuary of Lyon established by Saint Pothin as an oratory dedicated to Virgin Mary. The first Lyons martyrs ashes were placed in the crypt of the church and venerated till VIth century.

The existence of a church is identified from Vth century as « Saint Apostols Basilica », wich was amy be the first cathedral in Lyon.

In VIth century, many bishop were buried there whose Saint Nizier in 573 ; since that time, the church is named Saint Nizier.

In 1306, the archbishop of Lyon required the construction of a church larger and it became a Collegial.

Among a numerous of works of art contained in the church, we can mention Our Lady of Graces statue, by the sculptor Lyonnais Antoine Coysevox and in front of those Pauline Jaricot has prayed a lot of time.


Pauline Jaricot tomb

In February 1935 the Pauline Jaricot corps is est transfered from the family vault in cemetery of Loyasse, on the Fourvière hill, to a lateral chapel of Saint Nizier church, near the Our Lady of Graces statue.

The Pauline Jaricot tomb is a place for meditation and prayers.


Near her tomb, an offertory box had be installed to collect the testimonies of graces obtained or miracles requested by the visitors, the pilgrims in invocation of the intercession of Pauline Jaricot, for her beatification by the Catholic Church.


Between 1968 and 2000, a lot of renovation works were been necessary.

In 1996, the archbishop of Lyon gives the Parish to the Community of the Emmanuel. It comprises 3 Parishes: Saint Nizier, Saint Paul, Saint Vincent.

A Parish is the place where the faithful of the church and the catechumens can feed up their faith, mainly:

The eucharistic celebrations; the sacraments; the teaching of catechism to the Christian children; the student chaplaincies ; the prayers teams ; Scouts ; the Rosary ; the perpetual Adoration every days.

Furthermore, the association « The Friends of Saint-Nizier » organized some guided visits and the association is in charge of all renovation works and the maintenance of heritage.

Paroisse Saint-Nizier – 46 rue Edouard Hériot,

 Lyon – F-69002,


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