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Pauline, Mother of Missions

Father Matthieu THOUVENOT, Vicar General territories of the diocese of Lyon asks us the question:

Why on May 22, 2022 did we celebrate the beatification of Pauline-Marie Jaricot?

Why have we hoped for it so much for decades?

How can Pauline's example of life respond to our mission in the world today?

Relive the beatification of PAULINE JARICOT

To share with youfiorettiof the beatification that we have just experienced, to associate you with the initiatives aroused by the example of Pauline, to entrust your testimonies, your prayers and your requests for intercession to Pauline, the  "Friends of Pauline Jaricot" regularly offer newsletters accessible to all.

It is also possible to obtain it personally   atE-mailof the association ofFriends of Pauline.

Social media keeps you in touch with daily events,Twitter Pauline,Pauline Instagram,  

From November 3 to 12, 2022, a live performance on Pauline Jaricot was presented in the Saint-Nizier church in Lyon, where Pauline's tomb is located. Nearly 150 volunteers were at the service of the staging of the show written and proposed by Marie-Cécile du Manoir. TheMysteries of Pauline were experienced by several thousand spectators won over by the beauty and realism of the PAULINE2022 show.

thediocese of Lyon, themPontifical Mission Societies and much more information is offered to discover how Pauline fully responded to the demands of her time and how we are called today to follow her example...

“ Deeply rooted in prayer, Pauline was able to invent the first missionary social network ”.

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