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The forthcoming beatification of Pauline gives rise to very current witnesses who attribute the graces received in their lives to Pauline's intercession. Her works, her daring and her spirituality are all examples that anyone can imitate.

Two Notebooks entitled “ In the anthology of graces attributed to the intercession of Pauline JARICOT ” were published in 1986 and 1993 by the Pontifical Missionaries. They are available at the OPM library, 12 Rue Sala, 69002 Lyon, France.



The testimonials and shared below are spontaneous and received on the website in the sectionsend-a-testimonial; they illustrate the news and the presence of Pauline around us.



On May 26, 2020, the Church officially recognized a miracle attributed to Venerable Pauline Jaricot, paving the way for her beatification. Mayline's parents, Emmanuel and Nathalie, never doubted the miracle. They bear witness to the novena to Pauline who saved their daughter.

Mayline TRAN, miraculously healed through the intercession of Pauline Jaricot, came to Lorette with her family, to thank, to pray and to visit the Maison de Pauline.

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AC August 2020

* Pauline and housing for disadvantaged people.

“During the 3 years (1990-93) of my professional stay in Lyon, I discovered Pauline Jaricot and asked her to sponsor my work as a civil servant in the service of social and very social housing. Her help was as obvious to me as it was discreet for others: resolution of institutional conflicts, creation of integration housing, creation of consultation structures .... It was she who would have deserved the medal of Officer of Merit who was assigned to me.


JC D. on November 7, 2020

* Unpublished companionship with Pauline.

“The circumstances of Pauline Jaricot's beatification providentially crown a companionship that has never been denied since 1986. She accompanies me in my work, my trials, and my prayers, as Bishop Albert Malbois, then president of the OPM, predicted.

She is the saint for times of dereliction, times of dispossession… the time of the Lord. "


Henri COUSTON - Nyons - 1927-2018

* By the hand of Pauline.

“What a joy to know Pauline presented as a model to the world. I would like to remind you that our fraternity of the little brothers of the Gospel in Nyons (Drôme) was carried by a faithful of Pauline: Henri Couston, an old peasant who wrote very beautiful poems.

How many of them begin with these words:

"By the hand of Pauline."

Henri Couston 2004

Henri died and was buried in Nyons 2 years ago, but his writings are in the process of being published.

Screenshot 2020-11-15 at 17.37.48.

Writings of Henri COUSTON

Volume 1 - Page 29

After Pentecost 2004

Dialogue with Pauline-Marie Jaricot

Time of the Great Harvest


Behold, the Lord God did not leave me alone, for he is the loving God full of goodness, full of mercy. So He gave me a hand to help me walk, to stand up. This hand is that of a great person who has done wonderful and unusual things on this earth. And it is necessary that this person, her work and her charities continue until the end of time, so that the immensity of the World knows the Truth: Jesus Christ Savior, Son of the Father and God alike, with his so simple Gospel. , so sweet, of kindness, of peace, of mercy.
The right seed for great Harvests. So here I am, who am nothing by this hand, I become everything!

Thanks to the Lord God.

Thanks to pauline-Marie Jaricot.


Henry Couston

Writings of Henri COUSTON

Volume 1 - Page 43


" After Pentecost 2004

Dialogue with Pauline-Marie Jaricot "

Towards the great harvest


To you Pauline-Marie Jaricot, you who after God are everything for me, you who guides my hand, You who are more than a Bride, because you are no longer a woman of the Earth but by what you have given on this Earth you are now and forever in the arms of God. So God in this holiness gives you miraculous powers. Yes, on this Earth you have worked a lot so that the World knows The Truth: Jesus Christ Son of the Father in the one God and the Savior of Humanity. You have also worked a lot to relieve the poor of poverty. This is now really all that places you on the high steps of the podium of Heaven forever.

So that I never abandon your presence in me, because I would lose the way towards God and towards the Truth ”.

Henry Couston

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