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Her Works

Pauline Jaricot’s intuitions were achieved through three major realizations of evangelization, with the support of the Roman Catholic Church and the popes, and still exist today:

  • Missionary commitment : Œuvre de la propagation de la Foi – 1822

  • Spiritual commitment : Œuvre du Rosaire Vivant – 1826

  • Social commitment : Œuvre sociales, l’usine de Rustrel – 1845

  • Mary’s daughters – 1832

Besides, many other initiatives taken by Pauline Jaricot had sometimes a success limited in time and place :

  • The House of Nazareth, with her brother Philéas,

  • The Bank of Heaven,

  • The Library of good books,

  • The rosaries, the medals, the statues and the crucifixes distributed,

  • The purchase of land, with her brothers and sisters, on the hill of Fourvière, aiming at the protection of the site of the “praying hill”. Later this land was sold to religious congregations.

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