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Presence of Pauline Jaricot’s body in the south transept of Saint Nizier Church, naturally creates a special bond between the two associations: Pauline Jaricot’s Friends and Saint Nizier Church Friends .

Indeed, transferred in 1835 from family vault to Saint Nizier, near the statue of Our Lady of Grace that she came to pray regularly, Pauline Jaricot converted in that very Church one Lent Sunday Lent in 1816.

Her grave became a place of contemplation and prayer for those who invoke her. An urn was installed to collect testimonies of grace, requested by the Pauline intercession.

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The Association des Amis de l'Eglise Saint-Nizier created in 1990 at the initiative of Brother Jean Legrez, parish priest, aims to work towards the completion of the restoration of this church and its heritage, to “acquire and maintain movable elements useful for the celebration and the beauty of worship”, to transmit “knowledge gathered from specialists” (Cahiers n ° 1, 1993, p. 3). As Jean Legrez, now Bishop of Albi, wrote: “An old, beautiful, well-kept, welcoming church creates an atmosphere of contemplation necessary for every man of good will, unbelievers included. "

Its structure

Jean Gateau was the founding president of the Association, assisted by Martine Villelongue (Associate Professor in Art History, University of Lyon II, herself president from 1996). The association - law 1901 - now has around a hundred members, mostly parishioners of this sanctuary, it is chaired by Cyril Lorne.

His activities

Guided tours

The association welcomes all those who wish to discover the church, its artistic heritage and know its history. Regular tours are offered on the second Saturday of each month, at 3:00 p.m., and on certain occasions (European Heritage Days, December 8). One-off and / or thematic visits (statuary, stained-glass windows, paintings, etc.) can be organized on request. Groups can be received at other times, by appointment set by the parish secretary.


The association has published a series of eleven notebooks containing the lectures given by various specialists. Covering different themes, shedding light on the history of Saint-Nizier, they constitute a documentary reference for all those interested in this sanctuary and its neighborhood. In December 2007, the association published a detailed visit guide under the title: Saint-Nizier, a church of the people of Lyon. This brochure is available at the reception of the church and at certain Lyon booksellers at a price of € 10.00.

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