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Newsletter June 2022

LYON EUREXPO  May 22, 2022

Beatification of Pauline

The Eurexpo event, especially the moment of the unveiling of Pauline's portrait, was suspended for a moment, as if the celestial light descended on us.

The Pauline Jaricot beatification ceremony, impeccably implemented, impressed, moved and comforted each of the 12,000 participants by the wholly spiritual fervor, the intensity of the prayer and the palpable joy of the audience.

Relive the beatification ceremony of May 22.

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An Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

A blessed laywoman who brings together bishops, priests and laity, what a precious reality of the unity of the people of God in this time of synodality .

By this beatification, the city of Lyon is honored, receiving from the Holy Father blessings, congratulations, encouragement to follow Pauline in gratitude.

Through this beatification, each of us receives a little of the graces granted to Pauline. She is a model for the interior life and for the mission.

Thanks to Pauline, from all over the world came 120 international delegations to honor Pauline, Mother of the Missions and ask everyone the question:  

"What do you think is the message of the Blessed for us today?"

  "Pauline ... The fruitfulness of a charism",   theme of the international missionary colloquium organized by the Pontifical Mission Societies in Lyon-Valpré, on Saturday May 21, 2022. 

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"Pauline, pioneer of integral human development"

How can the intuitions of Pauline-Marie Jaricot help us to live the mission today?

"She invites us to do like her: to look around us, to see what challenges our Christian life invites us to take up. Pauline wanted women to have decent work instead of prostituting themselves. She found employment for the unemployed who were not helped at the time. She was very involved so that the workers could lead a Christian life. We can say that Pauline anticipated what is now called integral human development! She cares of the material and spiritual life of everyone, especially workers. She is ahead of her time by her openness to the universal, to the world. As a woman who launches into business, she surprises, she takes your hair off! even shocked." (Bishop Georges Colomb, June 9, 2022)

Beyond the emotion, may the beatification of Pauline produce in us the beautiful fruits that the Holy Spirit came to revive.

Let's be attentive to discover the initiatives that Pauline arouses around us.   Let 's share them and bear witness to the liveliness of the example offered to us.

Album (Diocèse Lyon)


Chapel of Saint Philomena

On May 3, 2022, the bicentenary of the Foundation of the work of the Propagation of the Faith was celebrated at the Notre Dame de Fourvière basilica in Lyon.

Until May 3, 2023, plenary indulgence is granted to the faithful who come on pilgrimage to the Sainte-Philomène chapel of the house of Lorette where  Pauline Jaricot  lived his last 30 years. 

Photo Eric Gannat for Pauline2022

Pauline today?

“How can the intuitions of Pauline Marie Jaricot help us to live today the missionad gentes, the missioninter-gentes  ? ...”                 


"What did you remember from the story of Pauline Jaricot? ...

What do you think is the blessed woman’s message for us today? …

... She invites us to do like her: to look around us, to see what challenges our Christian life invites us to take up..."

                                                                             Mgr Georges Colomb, director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in France​

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